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If you own a business website developed in WordPress, PHP or an ecommerce website built on open source platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Opencart or Shopify and are looking for a website maintenance company in Atlanta GA to take care of day to day tasks on the website, you have landed on the right place. We have sound expertise in website maintenance and management – both, business sites and ecommerce websi

Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

Website maintenance is very crucial to keep your website updated & safe. Website maintenance has two parts – website content updation & technical maintenance. If website’s contents are not modified at regular intervals, website becomes mundane and outdated. In case of ecommerce websites, content updation also includes product addition / deletion / modification. On the other hand, technical support ensures that your website is monitored for external attacks and its soft-infrastructure is updated regularly. Sometimes, website maintenance also includes new feature addition and bug fixing.

What Do We Offer?

Our maintenance services try to cover almost everything that a small or medium business website or an ecommerce website may need. It includes…
Depending on specific maintenance need, we can decide the activities involved in the maintenance support contract and work accordingly.

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Professional website management company Atlanta, GA

Your website is an asset for your business – one that is online and available 24/7 for your customers to view, keeping your website safe and secure is essential for your business to succeed in the modern era.
Depending on specific maintenance need, we can decide the activities involved in the maintenance support contract and work accordingly.

Don’t lose sleep over managing your website!

Websites, nowadays are built on systems like WordPress, Joomla and Craft, these systems need maintenance in terms of regular backups and security updates. Euphoria web solutions Atlanta is a leading website management company in the US, offering our services to clients in America and Europe. We have customized solutions for website maintenance and can offer these services on an hourly fee basis, monthly fee basis or AMC (Annual maintenance contract). The type of engagement is dependent on the client’s needs based on the type of website to be maintained and the volume of periodic changes required. Euphoria’s website maintenance services operate out of our headquarters in Atlanta, GA and we offer business website management, corporate website management as-well-as e-commerce website management.

Why do websites need to be maintained?

Your website represents your business on the internet, it is the online persona of your business and for all practical purposes, it is the only form of media you really own. Your website is a medium to reach out to your community and customers where ever they may be; it helps people learn about your organization, products, services and contact details. No one likes to see a static site with outdated information, broken links and missing images, additionally search engine algorithms tend to ignore poorly maintained sites and may even drop them out of their search results. Websites require frequent monitoring and periodic changes. Such maintenance and servicing are called website maintenance, a website maintenance company monitors and analyzes your site for functionality and addresses any issues ranging changing the content, graphics functionality or navigation and will also take care of any new information, content, graphics or new function to be added. Maintenance also takes care of changes at the code level including technology and security upgrades.

We are website maintenance experts!

Euphoria Web Solutions has been in the business of web design, development and maintenance for over ___ years. In all these years of our accumulated experience, we have observed that website owners wish to keep their websites updated and in prime running condition, they are not always able to do so. Time restrictions, pressing priorities of everyday work and family necessities, or simply having no access to knowhow or technical resources and personnel are major hindrances.
We have a sound understanding of all critical website maintenance protocols and cover all maintenance aspects that any small and medium website would require. Some necessary maintenance procedures covered by us include:
  • Website diagnostics
  • Uploading new content, graphics and functionalities as and when required
  • Updating existing content, graphics and functionalities if required
  • Updating necessary changes or deleting/adding navigation and other menus
  • Managing change in ‘about us’, ‘Contact’ or other static pages
  • Updating location on maps and managing other third-party tools
  • Checking SSL and other necessary certifications
  • Managing website backup (code and database) management
  • Cache management, database cleanup
  • Installing security modules, plugins and code for site security
  • Restoring backup and cleaning infected code in case of malware attack
  • Upgrading CMS versions for WordPress, Joomla, Craft etc.
  • Updating security plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Craft etc.
  • Themes and plugin updates for WordPress, Joomla, Craft etc.
  • Major and minor graphics update for the website
  • Managing and reporting Google Analytics and Google Webmaster data

Benefits of working with us include:

  • We are quick to respond – Our website maintenance team is easily accessible by phone, email, WhatsApp etc. and is swift in its response
  • Prompt service – Customers do not need to raise a support ticket as our team continuously monitors your websites for changes and updates, this is crucial in reducing website downtime and in critical situations like malware attack and website hacking
  • Flexible – Our website management services are available with customizable payment options and can be offered on an hourly fee basis, monthly fee basis or on fixed cost AMC (annual maintenance contract) basis, other options may also be explored if necessary.
  • Friendly – Our team is friendly and understands the value of website maintenance for our clients, our personnel also possess sound technical knowledge and will be ready with useful advice as a good friend would be expected to provide.
  • Cost-effective – Website maintenance is seen by us as not only a necessary but also as a value-added service for our clients, as such we understand and consider budgetary constraints offering our services at competitive pricing

Versatile and platform-independent:

We are uniquely positioned to take care of all your website maintenance requirements as our approach is highly versatile and platform-independent. We can manage websites hosted on any platform and can provide WordPress website maintenance, Joomla website maintenance, Craft website maintenance or any other similar web hosting tools and services. Call us today to avail superior services and competitive pricing from the top website maintenance company Atlanta, GA.

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