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If you are thinking to sell online and are looking for an ecommerce website development company in Atlanta GA, you have landed on the right place. Not just technical, but we have deep domain expertise in ecommerce and have worked on ecommerce projects of varied sizes, technologies and industry domains. This gives us ability of devising right solution for your ecommerce needs. We build b2c ecommerce sites, b2b ecommerce portals and b2b/b2c multi-vendor marketplaces.

Few of the sites we have built host more than 20000 products and receive more than 100 orders per day.

Why is it necessary to have an ecommerce website? / Significance of E-commerce Web Development

In today’s era (and especially post Covid19 pandemic), every business is exploring the new avenues to showcase and sell its products and services. Ecommerce or Online selling is one of the prominent options to do so. You can have ecommerce as your solo avenue to sell your products or services, or it can be your supplemental channel to serve your customers in addition to your physical brick-and-mortar store.

Online selling option given to your customers not just help them to order anytime, from anywhere; it also gives a business an opportunity to position itself as a forward looking & modern business which cares for its customer’s convenience.

Another scenario to consider is a large customer group which won’t actually buy online, but will research online and buy offline. This scenario is typically referred as “research-online-buy-offline”. An full fledged ecommerce website caters to this customer group as well.

What we offer?

How ecommerce website for a specific client should function depends on the workflow of the business. An b2c online apparels store may demand a different user experience, flow and features than an online grocery store. In spite of this variation, 70% flow of all ecommerce websites is standard and common. Standard front-end flow consists of category wise product showcase, product quantity selection & add to cart, checkout and payment. On the other hand, standard back-end flow consists of product management, offers management and orders management.

There are scenarios where standard flow has to be extended to offer something that may either offer ease, better buying experience to the buyer or increase the sales. For example, personalized product recommendation may not be a part of standard ecommerce, but an online apparels store having recommendation engine not only offers ease to buyer but also increases the sales. Depending on the client’s need, we figure out such extensions and then implement them in the system. Our technology expertise and deep domain experience helps in success of our client’s online business.

Which Technologies Do We Use?

Which technology is best for your ecommerce project? Well, this solely depends on your budget and your requirements. Our experience of 10+ years in the field of ecommerce website development makes us capable of identifying right technology for you. We work on following technologies for developing an ecommerce website…
Which among these is best can be decided once we have an initial discussion on requirements, budget and expectations. Hosting plays an important role in the functioning of any online business. We recommend A2 Hosting, CloudWays, AWS, Google Cloud, Linode, Digital Ocean for hosting your ecommerce sites. Again, all above hosting companies come with varied server configurations and plans; we can decide the right plan once we finalize the requirements and estimate resource requirements. Apart from developing ecommerce sites, we also provide auxiliary services like product cataloguing, image editing and product data uploading.

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